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We knew he'd find his way in
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Pearl said:
If there's a big personnel shift wouldnt that mean that the Souls games themselves will be really different from here on out?
Or maybe Miyazaki's promotion means that the other games will be different. Better even.
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Was Here said:
Rough for those guys hope they get rehired.
Me too!
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Juggly said:
What a good video. Makes me wonder why there aren't more shows or movies based off of games. They can do such a good job.
Cause they can severely mess it up!!
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Icheenee said:
I'm glad this series is ending. It started off really good but then somewhere along the way turned down a mucky path. I hope this Knight redeems...
Yeah I actually don't like where this series ended up
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Supermarket Jesus said:
The art for this game is always awesome!
Yeah too bad the game won't be like that.
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Azuranic said:
It's probably worth it to go big on the RP purchase just for the sake of extra points.
All about sales for any game.
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Tillery said:
They need the extra sales in the UK. I get it, I just wish it was more fair. I think a price cut in one place should be for everywhere else it's...
The world isn't fair!
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All of these games are just money pits. I don't even like wasting my time on them.
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