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Was Here said:
Rough for those guys hope they get rehired.
Me too!
Default-user rab
Juggly said:
What a good video. Makes me wonder why there aren't more shows or movies based off of games. They can do such a good job.
Cause they can severely mess it up!!
Default-user rab
Icheenee said:
I'm glad this series is ending. It started off really good but then somewhere along the way turned down a mucky path. I hope this Knight redeems...
Yeah I actually don't like where this series ended up
Default-user rab
Supermarket Jesus said:
The art for this game is always awesome!
Yeah too bad the game won't be like that.
Default-user rab
Azuranic said:
It's probably worth it to go big on the RP purchase just for the sake of extra points.
All about sales for any game.
Default-user rab
Tillery said:
They need the extra sales in the UK. I get it, I just wish it was more fair. I think a price cut in one place should be for everywhere else it's...
The world isn't fair!
Default-user rab
All of these games are just money pits. I don't even like wasting my time on them.
Default-user rab
cut teh cheese said:
Resident Evil 4!!!!
They should port the rest of the series! I want to see the first one (with new graphics)
Default-user rab
BathingWonton said:
My first thought is, damn that looks good. My second thought is, how fast will that go from white to yellow? Those clear buttons, how long until...
I didn't even consider that. That honestly can't stay clean.
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