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Default-user Quazi Modo
Yay! Fixes with more potential issues! HOOORAY!
Default-user Quazi Modo
lolbull said:
Ah yes, more time I can dedicate to this game!
Don't just don't.
Default-user Quazi Modo
I haven't seen it yet but that's cause I haven't checked.
Default-user Quazi Modo
Pork said:
Wasn't this game done by an insanely small studio but its still good?
I think it was...
Default-user Quazi Modo
I feel like high prices for housing made the game a bit more realistic. Then again you don't want a fantasy game to be realistic do you? CHEAP HOUSING FOR ALL.
Default-user Quazi Modo
And here I thought this would score less than Knack and it did better.
Default-user Quazi Modo
Minecraft for everyone! Notch is Oprah.
Default-user Quazi Modo
DaGrey said:
"We recognize that change is hard" they say this because people will bitch and moan about the changes until they get used to them.
Some people will do that either way, esp if they really liked bf3. If people want the same game over again with the same controls and stuff they should play CoD.
Default-user Quazi Modo
If it's like the previous games its going to be awesome.
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