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Default-user Purpage
When can we DL the actual update?
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They should sell the Vitas with memory cards. There shouldn't even be a question about it.
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How are these MS tablets compared to the ipad?
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caribeener said:
Dont they *have* to say this? I mean they are doing the whole "We love Devs" thing.
Yeah if I was them I'd be saying the same thing lol
Default-user Purpage
Both of these are going to be pretty great.
Default-user Purpage
Donger said:
So much for partnership with Sony eh?
Were they ever actually in a partnership per say?
Default-user Purpage
The first few things he goes over are a surprise to me. Kinda excited for this game...
Default-user Purpage
This MLB game might be the best one yet.
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TryHard said:
So like, even the devs can be snarky about the last Mass Effect?
Well, they can be snarky cause the pressure they were under to release the game on time ruined it.
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Chromedome said:
If it was 5 for an indefinite rental...I'd get in on it.
No it wouldn't. Monthly plus per game? You're kidding me. No TY
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