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Default-user Prince Charzo
Holy crap, that's Jean Claude Van Damme. I almost want the game to star him.
Default-user Prince Charzo
Honestly, I'm a little disappointed that they didn't reveal any in-game footage. It was all live action. At least it wasn't as bad as the live-action beginning of Resident Evil. Maybe Shinji Mikami has learned from past mistakes.
Default-user Prince Charzo
Fred Durst said:
360 better then p$3. they all ju$ want ther own japan con$ole.
I'd say that this is one of the most stupid comments I've ever read, but then i looked at your comment history. It's not the comments that are stupid, it's you. It's like you didn't read the article. You just read the title and commented.
Default-user Prince Charzo
i don't understand the perfect scores that bioshock infinite is getting. there's so many flaws in the story and gameplay. should be an 8.5 at the highest. game journalists are just on their knees for ken levine.
Default-user Prince Charzo
It's awesome that stealth will be such a big part of the game again. Does anyone know if Spy vs Mercs is the only multiplayer mode? Can't find any other info about multiplayer anywhere.
Default-user Prince Charzo
Common Sense said:
Did you actually read that screenshot you posted? always conected != always connected gameplay. This will fix a major annoyance with current...
Please Mr. Microsoft, defend your stupid console more.
Default-user Prince Charzo
Ok, this game looks amazing. So excited for this. Nice gifs btw
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