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Default-user Poophead
I want this game to work. If it doesn't no one should ever try again.
Default-user Poophead
Yahoo was affected too so like...change every password ever.
Default-user Poophead
im sad im not there
Default-user Poophead
Evagreen said:
Ohhhh yeah. So happy about this new stuff!
They added and fixed a lot this time around. Glad to see its not gonna be stale.
Default-user Poophead
Last day and they didn't even go out with a bang!
Default-user Poophead
Minecraft is still killin' it, no matter what it's on it does so well.
Default-user Poophead
cowsmotha said:
You know the PS4 is hurting for games when the top games have some old games mixed in.
The PS4's games are pathetic right now.
Default-user Poophead
The next one shouldn't be too far off then should it?
Default-user Poophead
Corgie said:
Been stickin' with GTA Online, it's a lot of fun. Some people cheat and shit but it's worth it.
People can't really cheat anymore...
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