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Default-user Polizi
This game. So hard. So dumb.
Default-user Polizi
Oh the Kodak kitten printer was the best one. Nothing will live up to that April 1st.
Default-user Polizi
I like how someone makes a serious comment and then it spins off into Mugatu.
Default-user Polizi
Cant wait cant wait cant wait to see what I break!
Default-user Polizi
PizzaTheHut said:
I hope they have demos for these games. I hate jumping into an indie game without knowing what it's going to be like.
They probably won't have demos. Just being honest here.
Default-user Polizi
Thats crazy that the players wanted it so bad that it happened.
Default-user Polizi
Malooka said:
So they are real inv's and not fake ones? I hope I get one!!
Totally not fake! Get on it!
Default-user Polizi
widdly scuds said:
What happened to this game. Everyone was talking about it...then it vanished.
I think everyone confused it with WarZ and didn't know what to hate anymore so they stopped talking.
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