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Default-user PolarIon
Spider said:
The Wii U is basically dead to devs.
Wouldn't be dead if there was support for it.
Default-user PolarIon
Greenblood said:
"It's on our list" that means it could be the last thing on their list :/
They will probably release their own Ex HD
Default-user PolarIon
Chinchola said:
I've always wanted this....not at all. Never even considered it. I hate that this is real.
So much Flappy Bird will be recorded.
Default-user PolarIon
Soooo many zombie games! When will this trend be done?
Default-user PolarIon
It is coming said:
Well it is an entertainment console so it should have a remote.
Its a glorified cable box!
Default-user PolarIon
Just more stuff to buy for that console! It's like a skylanders game. Adapters for headphones remotes whats next?
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