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Default-user PingPong
A Victorian Dark Souls? NO. NO. Yes. This is fucking heaven sent.
Default-user PingPong
Cerny can handle the limelight. He brought Sony to new heights!
Default-user PingPong
Holy shit. Time to update Minecraft...
Default-user PingPong
I'm a potato said:
Put horses in.
>:( yeah
Default-user PingPong
Those guys worked really hard on the game, it's unfortunate that it couldn't meet expectations. It's really hard when the game is highly anticipated and comes from a strong background.
Default-user PingPong
TurkyChiken said:
No good. It's cause the game sucked.
No consideration!
Default-user PingPong
This is awesome thanks! I bookmarked so I can watch it after I finish the game!
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