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I can't think of any "politically correct" way of saying this, so I will say it bluntly. You are as ignorant as people can get. You flat-out don't know what you're talking about. You don't know what Arma 3 is as a game, much less a franchise. You are reviewing an Arma game without having played Arma 1 or 2, and you don't even attempt to figure out any aspects of the game for yourself, much less logically think through them. Sorry, but this is not a Call of Duty game - this is a war simulator - there is no 'easy to review' manual, but there is a tutorial and easy-to-understand "Field Guide" in the game menu, that if you had bothered to look for for over a second, you would have seen. Additionally, they have dumbed down the game menu as much as they can to cater to the limited deductive abilities of people like you, who can't even use a mouse wheel to select an action (a wise move instead of assigning another 60 key commands). The game took years to design and build, and it shows to any person of even negligible intelligence. This is not journalism; this is stupidity.
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