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lol at everyone commenting about this. How is any game at any price bad? if you don't like it don't buy it. Funny everyone kepps saying $2 for 1 day is fine but $10 forever is terrible. You guys are hilarious. More than likely, since Nintendo always has way more games in development than any other dev, this is Nintendo giving some of their younger, newer hires something to work on to get comfortable with the development for the system. You all bitch about its $50. Guess what so was Wii Sport for wii. If you lost or damaged it you had to buy it at full price. It was never this free game. Thats like saying Wind Waker is free cuz its a pack in with new bundle. Dumb. You guys are beyond stupid. Your logic is so twisted that you hate this but LOVE the 16 year old GTA 3 HD, oh I mean GTA 5 with its shit controls and car physics. Its really sad the hypocrisy of the "hardcore" lol. Hardcore aren't really gamers, they play only violent games and therefore are less interested than casual. I own all systems, have hundreds of games and am not a fanboy of anything. I will be PS4/One/Wiiu in 2 months time. If you don't like it don't buy it. Speak with your wallet not your mouth because you just come of as an arrogent fanboy troll trying to get hits for your shitty website.
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