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Default-user Pearl
Rawlmond said:
Why do people pay for Hulu? It's filled with advertisements. I'd rather pay for cable and DVR my shows.
I pay for Hulu to watch seasons upon seasons of things, but I don't pay for cable.
Default-user Pearl
FatalHeart999 said:
I hope there are special powers that they havent shown off in trailers yet.
I can't even think of a super power I'd want to see.
Default-user Pearl
Yerp said:
Oh what the fuck. Honestly?
It's Japan...
Default-user Pearl
Lemon drop said:
Ey! I want to see a price for the collector's!
Say please >_>
Default-user Pearl
Hooo yes!! That's the best news I've heard all week!
Default-user Pearl
Nice! I hope I get picked!
Default-user Pearl
StarLeafTree said:
Diaz must come to terms with her age. That is all.
You chose to focus on that...instead of Daddy Warbucks' name change. That's such a stupid name change. Is there a reason they only changed his name?
Default-user Pearl
Can't even begin to say how pissed off I am that I'm no included.
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