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Default-user Paije
I don't believe him. He's such a dick.
Default-user Paije
Lemon drop said:
Holy hell how can that still be that expensive?
Well the games are like what 80$? So you save around that much. Kind of.
Default-user Paije
Why not just save for an Xbox One???
Default-user Paije
Gypse said:
These maps are good! They aren't free bad maps either!
I hate free bad content.
Default-user Paije
loljk said:
No date, not open to everyone but not limited to pre-orders...just WHO is going to be able to play in the beta?!
and their friends.
Default-user Paije
Outsider said:
The real money is in their first party games. If people purchase a PS4 and 2 first party games they are in the green.
Yeah but that means MS is probably getting at least 100 per console considering how similar their build is.
Default-user Paije
A trial version? So like 30 min of the game?
Default-user Paije
Well they haven't hid the fact that they are focusing on the gamers, remember E3? I think they made their point very obvious then, they are just delivering on it
Default-user Paije
So it won't play on launch day consoles? lol. (it's a joke cause all launch day things have issues. GET IT?)
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