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what they are trying to say is that sony said the same things this past generation and so did the sony fan boys,,, but in all reality sony had better specs last time also but produced a inferior product to the xbox 360.. the xbox 360 was soooo much better in many different ways.. I own both consoles and a pc and always try out other consoles I am impartial.. what I seen was the ps3 lagged behind the xbox 360 in many ways... and the ps3 technically showed better in the specs department.. its really how well the components work together with one another.. that's what it comes down to and Microsoft produces better products in that aspect... that's been their track record so far.. and of course Microsoft messed up on their message at e3 .... amongonst other things but I am getting tired of people that ride this dead horse.. they mesed up,,,yes ,,, but now its time to move on... I am more interested to see where these products are heading now..stop all the complaining and the witch hunts and lets get back to the business of gaming..lets see what these consoles produce when they come head to head with actual gameplay .. stop blowing hot air people.. Microsoft made some pr mistakes along with a few other mistakes..that does not mean their product is bad..they have started rectifying the problems sooo give em a chance..everyone is acting like yall never made mistakes and are saints..shoot, I wouldn't want friends like these negative people ive heard on these web sites..these people might lynch me for making mistakes..give the company a break and see what happens next.
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