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Default-user OuiYesSi
My frist game was a Sierra game! Hell yes!
Default-user OuiYesSi
crapdactyl said:
:o new game...and not Civ??! So excite.
No gameplay? No problem. Attach Sid Meier to the name and I'm in.
Default-user OuiYesSi
No Flappy Bird? No download.
Default-user OuiYesSi
Wonder if people will go 2 per lane or 2 1 3?
Default-user OuiYesSi
Juggernauts said:
Why would people buy a PS3 because the PS4 is out? I don't understand their way of thinking.
They might've assumed people would go on a Sony high?
Default-user OuiYesSi
low five said:
This is great! I never got any DLC but putting it all 50% makes me want it...
Get the DLC it's so good!
Default-user OuiYesSi
The entire process of updating stats weekly with IRL stuff is sweet. Like, if you sit down and think about it, it's great.
Default-user OuiYesSi
Yeah, MS it would be nice if everyone got that option. I'm going to have to ask you to get on that.
Default-user OuiYesSi
They are probably scared of messing this up...since they mess up everything they touch.
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