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Default-user Orhan Emir Çiçekmekik
I think this game has best drawing style,it looks fantastic! And also,I love and excited about Scandinavian stories and sagas.Another thing that I can say why I want this game,the game includes RPG and strategy elements and this is my favourite elements on video games.Besides,our choices affect the game and this makes me so happy because as you know,a lot of games which published currently just focus on graphics and voices.They just forget about the things what makes games more playable and great.I think scenario and atmosphere is more important than other things in video games.I believe that this game focused on things which I said and I really want to try it.Did I say how much I love winter-cold themed and Scandinavian themed films or games?Oh,OK. So,that's why I want to play this game.I already played The Banner Saga : Factions and really loved it.I hope that I will win this giveaway and love The Banner Saga!
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