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Default-user Orap
Guess I'll have to spend money earlier than I thought I would.
Default-user Orap
This looks like a good way to waste time...consider me signed up!
Default-user Orap
Smart phones, inspired by Flappy Bird
Default-user Orap
fizz said:
Wait isn't the PC most desired??
He must, if I was a dev I'd develop for the PC.
Default-user Orap
[King]COD said:
It's fucking crazy how good people are at making stuff like this. I don't get it.
It's because they have a lot of time on their hands!
Default-user Orap
How can they make BL even better than how it is or bigger even? It's just awesome and huge already!
Default-user Orap
Orap said:
Thi is awesome news! PRIIICE!
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