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Default-user One day
Who gave this man a soapbox? He doesn't deserve one.
Default-user One day
Supermarket Jesus said:
The art for this game is always awesome!
It can actually be pretty good looking in game...
Default-user One day
Daggy Waggy said:
Is it going back to the original studio?
Probably not.
Default-user One day
commented on Thief Review: Petty
And now I'm sad. I wanted this to be really good.
Default-user One day
Good, that's good. I think annualizing it is such a bad idea. Would take away from what makes the game so awesome.
Default-user One day
Fack said:
I get it for free! I was really upset when they took Skullgirls off of the market but I'm glad to have it back!
Lucky! I wish I was getting a special bundle with it too
Default-user One day
I always liked the design of this game. I never got to play but now that it's back I have the opportunity!
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