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Default-user Oliver Stevenson
Simon Browne said:
Anytime I have played a game that Metacritic users have "slammed" I have had a bad and generic gaming experience. Why is it that they are so...
Which games have been slammed by users and turned out to be rubbish?
Default-user Oliver Stevenson
I'm going to be nice to critics and say I trust them over the user reviews I see on sites like Amazon and Metacritic. They ended up being flooded with kneejerk reactions to disc DRM, or something the developer said, and just end up as a way for the angry customer to be heard. To me, a ratings site is about the game's content, and other things should not be considered. Is CoD a repeated formula with little change? Yes. Does that mean it is suddenly unenjoyable? No. Anyone new to the franchise would pick up this game and most likely think it is bloody brilliant. And since I've missed the last couple of CoD's due to the Michael Bay-esque MW2 plotline, I'm happy to see this seems to be the definitive version of CoD so far. Plot choices and great storyline? Greatly expanded zombies mode? The great multiplayer gambling modes from the first Black Ops? Count me in.
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