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Anime_girl NTategami
This game makes me want to laugh. The character designs, evryone looks totatlly drunk. And what's up with with Ash!?!?! You've never seen the anime or played the game. Ash cares so much for Pikachu, that they have a bond stronger the words. I see what point your trying to make, but Pokemon was not the best way to go about. Pok'emon is short for two words combined. Poket Monsters. Yes, pokemon look a lot like animals in the real world but all it is in the game in super natrully boxing. The only way a pokemon could get all bloodly like that is if people really did this to them. And they characters wouldn't ever do all this crap to them. not even Ghetsis.If you want to stop animal crueltytry a diffrent apraoch. Btw you had some misspelled words and i know i spelled some woeds wrong too. But don't mess up anyone's chidlehood. Please...
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