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Default-user Noose
KO said:
It doesn't take away from the game though. So it's not as pristine or crisp...doesn't matter amazing game.
IKR? Still has a great metascore.
Default-user Noose
Noose said:
Very little gameplay. I'm disappointed.
Yeahhhhh haha at least we got to see some. More than none.
Default-user Noose
Awesome! Little Mac! I can't wait for this game to come out!!
Default-user Noose
Kidz with guns said:
I'm more excited to see how people tag bad games than how easy searching for a game will be
@Green: They shoould know if their game blows
Default-user Noose
I think they are raising hype and the game will come out near then regardless of what they say
Default-user Noose
So if this is all controlled thru connect how can you do special moves??
Default-user Noose
nwo said:
Oh yeahhhh gonna be epic
and sad. They know how to do sad.
Default-user Noose
Hm. So they say the game will be good on any platform but they anticipate it the most on the PS4. I think it's safe to say I'll be getting it on the PS4
Default-user Noose
I don't know if this is really good news. They should tailor it for each console
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