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Default-user Noose
LOLimabus said:
As devs they must be so fucking stoked. That's so great. Sony doesn't just focus on their own which is great.
Sony is really putting the devs and games first. Doesn't matter the maker is seems. So great.
Default-user Noose
IMO Sony is gonna lead and MS will be the underdog. They'll over come in the end. Same way Sony did the last time around.
Default-user Noose
GGbro said:
Hopefulyl it wont veer off like THE FUCKING SHOW DID
The show ... idk what they are doing anymore.
Default-user Noose
KO said:
It doesn't take away from the game though. So it's not as pristine or crisp...doesn't matter amazing game.
IKR? Still has a great metascore.
Default-user Noose
Noose said:
Very little gameplay. I'm disappointed.
Yeahhhhh haha at least we got to see some. More than none.
Default-user Noose
Awesome! Little Mac! I can't wait for this game to come out!!
Default-user Noose
Kidz with guns said:
I'm more excited to see how people tag bad games than how easy searching for a game will be
@Green: They shoould know if their game blows
Default-user Noose
I think they are raising hype and the game will come out near then regardless of what they say
Default-user Noose
So if this is all controlled thru connect how can you do special moves??
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