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Default-user Nintentoast
WholeFish said:
Honestly the only thing I was iffy on in this trailer was the blood splatter on the screen. Unnecessary at best.
I feel like the fuzz was there to hide any imperfections?
Default-user Nintentoast
Holy crap, are you saying MS listened to us a couple months too late? Or did they finally see the true potential in making money?
Default-user Nintentoast
sonofzeus said:
Of course, they got everything they needed out of him first, before letting him go...
Oh god that's so terrible.
Default-user Nintentoast
Sounds like they plan on giving you a lot for the extra 20$. I say they should have free stuff too...considering the delays.
Default-user Nintentoast
If they show obvious degradation in res between the PS4 and Xbox One then why would people buy them.
Default-user Nintentoast
What's with CoD and BF stuff coming to the Xbox first?
Default-user Nintentoast
considering it's gonna be on the PS4 soooo it should
Default-user Nintentoast
Habitit said:
So glad I went premium right now. BF4 is so worth it
Ehhhhhhhh arguable statement.
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