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I dont hate Microsoft and both them and Sony are just out for our money but sony was a lot smarter and didnt try to rip us off with drm (at least after MS did). I also dont mind kinect (and the $100 more) nor do I favor one console's game lineup over the other. The reason I picked ps4 this gen is plain and simple: they are giving us a console with a better GPU and faster RAM. Of course specs arent everything but theyre pretty damn important considering these consoles will be around for several years. And as you pointed out most games I want to play (battlefield, cod, elder scrolls etc) are always multiplatform. Many people quote developers who say the consoles are very similar, but theyre referring to the architecture (which itself isnt that similar), and obviously they make games for both and so dont want to bad-mouth one console. Yet others argue developers will code for the lowest common denominator (as they did this generation) which is wrong because similar architecture will allow ps4 to have better texture detail and/or higher frames per second. Even microsoft admitted sony has better specs (look it up). I currently have a 360 but will definitely be buying ps4 first, and perhaps xbox one in a few years.
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