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Default-user Nerdasaurus
As long as it's not extra characters for a second play through I'm interested.
Default-user Nerdasaurus
Not as much parkour as there is cell phone touching, but that's what the game is about.
Default-user Nerdasaurus
Shihab said:
Well it's not really a surprise. I mean the game is awesome.
Awesome and marketed really well. It's basically got everyone I know enraptured.
Default-user Nerdasaurus
That exclusive gameplay, will it port to the Xbox eventually?
Default-user Nerdasaurus
Thank god for the Defuse fix that was so annoying.
Default-user Nerdasaurus
They're gonna keep making this game better and better!
Default-user Nerdasaurus
Commander Wingnut said:
Totally doable. 50 mill isn't much if the whole community tries.
Considering that some people play this for hours on end it isn't a hard goal to hit haha
Default-user Nerdasaurus
Ook you in the dooker said:
Blizzard is finally making some money, thought they weren't doing so well.
Pleeeaaaase, they probably have been doing ok.
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