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Default-user Nephalum
Why is this coming to Xbox 360 but not Xbox One?
Default-user Nephalum
sonofzeus said:
Lol well MS shouldn't have done things to warrant such mockery, such as giving us weak shitty hardware and charging 100 dollars more for it. As if...
Let the system come out before you make such uneducated guesses
Default-user Nephalum
masyer said:
Ummmm don't you think the extra time it takes to make demos will make demos disappear in favor of trials. I mean at least a trial shows the real game.
I can't imagine a demo takes that much time to create. It's basically just a small portion of the already developed game.
Default-user Nephalum
Sanders would've been the best RB ever if he didn't play for the shitty lions. They ruined his carrer
Default-user Nephalum
Sony continues to prove it is miles ahead of Microsoft/Xbox with its support of games
Default-user Nephalum
A little too late to arrive on Vita. But if you haven't played it yet, might as well get it. It's still a great game.
Default-user Nephalum
EA finally throwing a worthy sale. I wish AC3 was a little cheaper though.
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