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Default-user Nengtaka
If they would not have had those DRMs, they would be the ones getting screwed over. People could just borrow a friends game and it would be linked to their account forever. At least you could share the game with 10 "family members" digitally. Basically, "Hey, since you are not playing this can I borrow it and try it out?" "Yeah sure let me send you it" and they could play it. @Diggs, Stop being a fanboy. Just because someone expresses their thoughts, don't bash them. Both Sony and Microsoft have their console issues, just do not go to an article just to make acquisitions (or at least give examples, because I dont see the PS4 with any of the stuff Microsoft was planning on doing, and if they did they would have DRMs, otherwise they would just be losing a lot of money.)
Default-user Nengtaka
No they cut always online also. After a one time update, these thugs take affect and you never have to connect again. Sad that some many people heard "$500, always online, limited game sharing" and then just bashed the heck out of it instead of listening to the features that would be added. Some great features too, lots of innovation , but I guess people don't want that...
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