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Default-user NEET
Dragon's Crown is that game with the big boobed sorceress that caused a huff, correct?
Default-user NEET
I wish there was more free content for games. This is great.
Default-user NEET
I want to hear more about it. I don't want to have an opinion either way until I know more.
Default-user NEET
Ook you in the dooker said:
I'm not a fan of these point and click games, maybe I'm the minority here but I just can't get excited for this. If it was a whole new BL I think I...
They definitely aren't for everyone.
Default-user NEET
KO said:
I forgot they were working on this, I bet it's going to be really funny. Gearbox knows how to make some good jokes.
Yeah but I wonder how cooperative Telltale will be?
Default-user NEET
Maybe Nintendo was secretly bullying him because he copied their style!
Default-user NEET
The new patch is also bringing some mad nerfs to Shyvana
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