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Default-user Nathaniel Comstock
I agree with you on every point, its time for konami to stop half assing it. With all thetech advancements, konami needs to focus on bring a something worthy of new life to yugioh franchise. Its been forever since ive seen anything remotely note worthy. I love yugioh but konami is just not working on bettering the brand, there playing too much on gimmicks, they have forgotten there ways. I uses to be avid player of card based play, but zexal just made me say crap this show just doesnt fit the ideals, of what I call yugioh. I liked the idea of virtual reality, I think konami needs to work on duel disk to be used with game platformed for online gaming, game thats also adventure World. But your also able unplug your duel disk and take this play along with you because there also a headvisor to or duel gazer to see the web reality sent by the game web network,on the go duels, vr deck building, walking adventure, tournaments, special prize pereonal avatars of your duelist persona, create your own duel phrases, create your own virtual living space, send friend reqests, checking rankings, training battle courses, choose to have team duels. I see to name this Yugioh: Duelist Xtreme, Its time to duel, are you ready for this, getcha deck rocked and your mind blown, step into reality, a dueling reality. team
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