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Default-user Natalie Martin
MrPitt said:
PC gamers are ridiculous, yeah i know i cant put out more than the cost of a ps4 and come away with a great gaming pc but for 400 I can have a...
Huh? You can build a PC for $400 that is just as good as or slightly better then the PS4. I mean, you can get the same performance for the same price if you know how to shop for parts correctly, and there are plenty of online communities to walk you through that process if you so choose. But hey, it really is all about what games you want to be playing. I'm glad you enjoy your sports :)
Default-user Natalie Martin
Will landers said:
I'm still impressed by the awesome animations and graphics of the last if us on ps3. Anything better is just icing on the cake. I honestly prefer...
You can play on PC with just about any controller you want you know, on your couch, on your 60" plasma screen if you want. Also, there are plenty of great controllers out there besides just the standards. We're not stuck in the days of madcatz crap products anymore.Isn't it nice to know that you have more options available to you now? and even set it up so it launches games fast without any hassle. A one time setup for a gaming PC in the living room really isn't that much of a hassle. You don't have to upgrade your GPU very often any more, actually. I have no idea who told you that you have to upgrade your GPU every six months. Whoever it was, was lying or did not know what they were talking about. Today's video cards at being made at better standards then ever and last much longer then you would think. Also, you really won't get viruses if you aren't stupid and have a good malware protection program. You could even run operating systems besides windows, like Linux, which is basically virus free. Also, besides having better shading, we can also mod. You don't have to if you don't want too though, but the option is now there. I'm not trying to be condescending, I just wanted to catch you up to speed for where PC gaming actually stands.
Default-user Natalie Martin
jacksonrs said:
Well average PCs today still can't out perform ps3s and it came out 6 years ago and really a gaming computer for 400 bucks would have no chance...
This is actually false, I have to break it to you.People have built $400 PC's that actually outperform the ps4? It's great to know you can get value for your money. You just have to know how to find the right parts at the right price, and then build the computer (which is not as hard as it sounds.) I can provide links if you want me to. It's not a bad thing that you can build a good, cheap, gaming PC, it's all about what games you want to be playing.
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