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So the trilogy didn't end like we wanted it to be, we didn't get enough closure and it seemed like some of our efforts during the first 2 games were a waste of time... I hated that end for quite a long time but thinking now, it was fair. Don't get me wrong folks, I even got tattoos of this game and I really felt bad when the characters I cared so much about started dying (like Mordin) or when I didn't get to have blue kids with Liara and share a beer with Garrus after defeating the reapers but then thinking again, that was pure art right there. We didn't get the hollywood style ending for the story but if we did then the trilogy would have been just another game... Instead Bioware made us care about the game and characters so we would suffer in the 3rd game lol Those guys delivered us a "godfather style" ending and you guys are complaining cos it's not a "fast and furious" ending... Ruined the whole series? WTF! we got Turians and Krogans fighting side by side, got to cure the genophage, got peace between the geth and quarians and yeah defeated the Reapers one way or another... The story has been told, it wasn't a happy story but it was a great one! They also gave us support online and let's be fair, their social network is actually the only forum where our opinion counts, faced that they even gave us an extended cut for the game. Stop complaining, no other game company would have done that... R* for an example has just released this beta version of GTAV (again, I love that game too) while we are still have problems in RDR. Technically speaking Mass Effect was kinda weak since the first game, covering system was bad and the camera controls/character movements felt a lil "squared" but it stills and awesome game, hell yeah I can't wait for another Mass Effect!
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