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Default-user Mushishi
Halo came to the PC originally. Why do they hate it now?
Default-user Mushishi
Morrigan still looks devious as hell. I don't know if she'll be playing on the good side or bad.
Default-user Mushishi
Riddlemethis said:
I hope they're better than their previous games and NOT hidden behind a fucking paywall.
Every game has some kind of paywall.
Default-user Mushishi
Proj Morpheus support. Oh yes. Ohhhh yes. Motion sickness here I come
Default-user Mushishi
Lethargic Fish said:
God that's fucking dumb
Next up, headset & gummy snacks
Default-user Mushishi
Taking the same route as CoD I see
Default-user Mushishi
MoleStigma said:
It's gonna be a fucking amazing game (I hope) so the preorders are warranted.
I definitely am one of the many that preordered
Default-user Mushishi
Rabbit said:
These LEGO games are so good!
Oddly good.
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