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Some of it he has a point. The environments in MGR are quite dull, MGR does a terrible job of explaining its complicated controls and you can easily beat MGR twice in the time it takes you to beat DmC once. However, a lot of what else he said is completely absurd. Minstrel was 'rape-y'? I, me of all people, actually didn't find much sexual about Minstrel, other than she was a pretty cool boss. Yeah, she was hot, but so? DmC however had some extremely vulgar sexual nonsense, especially right in the beginning. The first chapter of DmC is pretty much the most cringe worthy thing I have ever played too. DmC barely has anything to do with the source material other than the names used. Every Metal Gear game has had hidden posters of half-naked girls for players to find. Most fights can be reduced to button mashing in MGR? How the fuck is that even possible? Relying on button mashing will get your ass kicked. However, in DmC, you could easily revert to button mashing as the game is considerably easier. This article is just dumb.
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