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Default-user MrWhiskers
I can't wait to see how this turns out. Plz implement.
Default-user MrWhiskers
I can't wait to see more on this game...I hope its good!
Default-user MrWhiskers
ektoplazm said:
They've been releasing a lot of footage recently...
Well yeah haha the games coming out soon!
Default-user MrWhiskers
Might be more expensive than its worth Respawn.
Default-user MrWhiskers
TwinkleTwinky said:
Oh god. We all know what happens when you involve mac players. Nothing. There are no mac gamers.
There are Mac gamers but uh, they are few and far between.
Default-user MrWhiskers
But the lead writer can they keep the story going....
Default-user MrWhiskers
Bombalomba said:
Don't really know if I'm excited for this anymore...
Nah this game is totally done in my book!
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