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Default-user Mongooo
loveless said:
Annnnd I've been playing for 5 hours ok. Need a break
Default-user Mongooo
snail head said:
Soon Steam will have a Pizza Hut app that allows you to download a pizza to your 3D pizza printer.
What? I want a 3D pizza printer.... Steam make this happen.
Default-user Mongooo
That's kinda dick. It would be nice to own all the games on one platform
Default-user Mongooo
He almost looked confused for a sec but then he just goes with it. Almost like he thought he missed a memo. That's pretty great.
Default-user Mongooo
Frog in a hat said:
Just 2 months until all this is done!
May be annoying to you but this is an arms race in the gaming world. I like hearing about it all and eating my popcorn. Go back to your cave
Default-user Mongooo
BullShift said:
I don't trust either of them. This is reminiscent of SR4.
SR4 is a little more crazy bro
Default-user Mongooo
Fft that looks better than most travel agents plans
Default-user Mongooo
Occasional Z said:
An announcement for an announcement that is making an announcement. Is this what we've come to?
Default-user Mongooo
Dude the whole pill for passwords? That wouldn't work! I'd forget my pill everywhere
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