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Default-user MoMo
I couldn't get into the game. IDK man, I think MMOs are done in my book.
Default-user MoMo
Wicked Coutner said:
These games are fun. Silly but fun. Totally for FF lovers.
Uh they're basically only for FF fans....
Default-user MoMo
All these things are good things.
Default-user MoMo
Love this free games! so worth having a ps3
Default-user MoMo
MisterFox said:
Now I have to check and see who will pay me more. Gamestop or Walmart.
Walmart is totally more worth it. Trade in games for food!
Default-user MoMo
This looks *so* old!
Default-user MoMo
Ok they don't specify which Xbox. Idiots.
Default-user MoMo
I can't wait to play this in HD!
Default-user MoMo
Yeah I'm such a huge fan of this game that I'm gonna buy it and remaster it, no biggie
He could like save people with his money, homeless people or something.
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