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Default-user MoMo
Love this free games! so worth having a ps3
Default-user MoMo
MisterFox said:
Now I have to check and see who will pay me more. Gamestop or Walmart.
Walmart is totally more worth it. Trade in games for food!
Default-user MoMo
This looks *so* old!
Default-user MoMo
Ok they don't specify which Xbox. Idiots.
Default-user MoMo
I can't wait to play this in HD!
Default-user MoMo
Yeah I'm such a huge fan of this game that I'm gonna buy it and remaster it, no biggie
He could like save people with his money, homeless people or something.
Default-user MoMo
Alphatomato said:
Yeah but it'll be fixed relatively soon cause it's the pride and joy of the Xbox One.
Yeah they need to find and fix bugs without adding mroe so it will take time
Default-user MoMo
I'm glad it was delayed! I haven't even heard about it! Now I can look it up!
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