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Default-user MoleStigma
It's gonna be a fucking amazing game (I hope) so the preorders are warranted.
Default-user MoleStigma
MrWhiskers said:
But the lead writer can they keep the story going....
Maybe it will be ok..
Default-user MoleStigma
MorninGovna said:
RIP BioShock. That's so unfortunate.
Yeah it's not gonna be the same without Levine. This is gonna suck.
Default-user MoleStigma
loveless said:
It's so good right? Can't stop playing.
Default-user MoleStigma
Either everyone on here is cocky or 50 million is too little.
Default-user MoleStigma
Has anyone actually played these games? Are they any good?
Default-user MoleStigma
Interesting. The guy I know said that those extra consoles are for people who have hardware problems with their ps4 (to switch out the broken console for one that isn't broken)....not for selling.
Default-user MoleStigma
Mongooo said:
That's kinda dick. It would be nice to own all the games on one platform
Eh wildhunt is only coming to the ps4 so youll never get it
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