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Default-user Mogly
Was Here said:
Lol how many people are going to just sit there when playing this game going 'omg his thumbs'? Like who would notice that??
A person that's reviewing the game I hope haha
Default-user Mogly
calskie said:
This is an awesome promotion I'd totally buy it if this is real
Default-user Mogly
NOOO I want to stay invincible!
Default-user Mogly
Backwards compat. brought by PS Now isn't something to be trifled with. Almost anyone with a PS4 wants it - publishers will license their games for the PS4 without a doubt. Pachter you're wrong on this one.
Default-user Mogly
Not gonna lie this game takes up a lot of my free time.
Default-user Mogly
commented on Steam Holiday sale begins today in reply to Taco
Taco said:
BioShock and Dishonored are so cheap!
Totally worth it and MGR too
Default-user Mogly
Mixed feelings on this...When this happens when I attack I love it...but when it happens to me, I cry.
Default-user Mogly
Drop the said:
Yeah, by the time I got there it was too late :(
Bro you won't get one at launch by now. Just wait it out lol plus I heard there were some problems with a couple ps4's. Waiting it out might be a good idea.
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