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***WARNING: Subscription system is locking up funds in their customer's bank accounts, sometimes double-charging and failing to give game-time. I'd strongly recommend anyone thinking of resubscribing to check ESO's official forums first or wait until they announce the issue is definitely fixed (if they'll ever admit anything was wrong on their side with the litany of failed transactions they're causing every day!).*** The payment system failures affect multiple banks, multiple cards and even PayPal payments. ZOS refuse to accept responsibility and are blaming everyone else. They've known about this issue for 8 days and have failed to do anything to fix it or stop customers getting caught up in the problem. Of course, ESO is still at beta-release quality on the technical side (except the artwork and content, which is admittedly one of the things about ESO that is of a AAA-rating standard.) As such, ZOS should not be charging anyone for it in it's current state. It's a flawed product that is dependent on a brutally flawed service. - The game is riddled with bots that fly, speedhack and noclip through meshes. - The bots spam zone chat and send spam in-game mails to players frequently. - The bots are so prolific that it has become almost impossible for new players to get enough mats from starter zones to be able to craft anything. - The server-side development is a joke, the game launched with practically no server-side anti-cheat mechanisms at all. - The game was pitched by Matt Firor as "polished, lag-free"... it's been a clusterf**k and there have been numerous reports of lag (Thanks to the lag, I figured out that even the meta-data for static scenery props is sent from the servers to players so when there is lag - the consequence are ridiculous.) - ZOS have failed to respond to customers promptly, systematically mark unresolved tickets as resolved automatically and cannot give technical answers. - ZOS are failing miserably to support the game because of all the glitches, technical design mistakes and what appears to be a company-wide ignorance to 10+ years of MMO development wisdom the industry has to reference. A friend of mine is so pissed off he's even looking into the EU laws about commercial sales and says that from what he's reading - they mis-sold the game by launching with known critical bugs and known exploits that were not fixed and that would be certain to cause many legitimate customers to be outraged. ZOS were given the technique to stop speedhacking on a platter about a month ago... a handful of patches later and bots are still speedhacking and generally humiliating ZOS. - They've even been given solutions to the bot problems but it's unlikely they'll have a grip on the situation for a few months yet (judging on the rate it takes them to fix anything!) Some players claim 90% of their guild has gone, some believe the game has already bled 80% of players. As a TES fanboy, a software developer and MMO gamer for some 8-9 years - I wanted ESO to be "THE" MMO for the next few years but can clearly see just how much Matt Firor and his team have made ESO into a giant clusterf**k. And before a ZOS employee posts excuses or pretends to be a player who is unaffected... all I'll say is if anyone is in doubt about my claims above... just go check out the official ESO forums for a mountain of supporting evidence. Also... to the video game industry media/press (IGN,PCGamer,Gamespot,EuroGamer,etc..)... WHY THE SILENCE? It's depressing and horrible what has happened to ESO, but the way ZOS are handling things - they do not deserve any collusion or cover from yourselves. In fact, while they are screwing many customers over with their broken payment system and while they pretend that their litany of bugs and flaws are really just overreactions by customers - YOU should be the ones issuing warnings to all MMO gamers about these problems.
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