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Misery_loves_company_by_shadowelement Miseries Company
I would love to see a Fable that takes place in the time of the Old Kingdom. A prequel. Bringing back badass weapons and armor. Better monsters. Fable the lost chapters mentioned a platinum troll. There was a set of armor made from it. How about seeing one of those? There were so many great ideas in the first one. I loved it. 2 was disappointing, but fun. Love the dyes and real estate investment. It fell short of what it could have been. That was obvious. 3... *shakes head* A meth addicted monkey could have made a better game. The game graphics are beautiful, after that it falls beyond anything I have ever played. And I've played farmville. Talk about pointless. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the 4th one. May the gods have mercy if it's a disappointment as bad as the 3rd one.
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