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Default-user MidSchism narcissistic?
Default-user MidSchism
dem beats said:
I love watching videos of people playing VR horror games.
Yes! Those videos are so fucking great
Default-user MidSchism
IDK how people are so good at building stuff like this.
Default-user MidSchism
Rabbit said:
I ant wait for this. I love Smash. There used to be clubs at school for smash games. I hope they come back
Dude there were Smash clubs at my college. There still is even. Haha
Default-user MidSchism
raymeh said:
As long as there's no Iron Man scene that reduces me to tears.
Manly tears. Strong tears of...oh god that scene.
Default-user MidSchism
ehhh I could just buy it on the PS4
Default-user MidSchism
HeartRocki said:
They know where the money is at. More people have those consoles than the new ones.
Yeah they have to appeal to the broadest market in order to continue making the most money.
Default-user MidSchism
Wanderlust said:
Wow, not surprised. Not even in the slightest! They deserve to be together as contenders
All of these companies are terrible.
Default-user MidSchism
Achey said:
Comcast...ATT...AETNA. Tough run for EA this year but they might make the top of the list afterall.
Fuck Comcast!
Default-user MidSchism
Curiously said:
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