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Michelleobama Michelle Obama
awareunlikeu said:
Im pleased to say guys Mercenary Kings is the shit, its like Metal slug meets Borderlands. It makes it even better that you can play online or...
I definitely agree. Easily one of the better PS+ offerings thus far. Nostalgic yet new. Deep, customizable, kickass soundtrack and really great animations. I weep for the ignorant.
Michelleobama Michelle Obama
This seems almost counterproductive. I know people tend to love the 360 controller as their PC pad of choice, why hold back the X1 controller at launch, when most will want to make the switch immediately
Michelleobama Michelle Obama
PapkaBalapka said:
Man, good for King that it makes so much damn money, but those FB notifications I always get are super annoying
Candy Crush is my jam!
Michelleobama Michelle Obama
How have I never even heard of this game before
Michelleobama Michelle Obama
Where da leprechaun at! I need the gold!
Michelleobama Michelle Obama
As the first lady, I say THIS SHIT BE SCARY!
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