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axsinisterxomen said:
How does a game studio and game publisher not putting out a game help them or gamers??? Honestly it wouldn't help. BF4 is already at optimum...
But can you clarify why it isn't just an expansion pack rather than a full retail game? Cause it has a single player? well we've not seen anything of it so who knows about quality and frankly if you play Battlefield for the single player then your doing it wrong. It didn't even need to be DLC I would have bought a half price standalone multiplayer pack (e.g if you own BF4 main then it adds content or if you just buy this then you can play these maps themselves) happily but I'm not paying for a full retail game that differentiates itself by basically being a reskined BF4. Its BS like this that's killing the quality of the FPS genre.
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