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Default-user Matt D
I'm just talking about, how now in the ps store they have all of these extra software "options", yes i quoted options because i know you don't have to download them, you can download on or system. I find it unnecessary. I feel that it is just something to take up memory. Plus, if I downloaded extra software on my system, I would feel the need to DL an anti-virus as well, cause i'm sure you'll need it. It's a game system i wish it could have just stayed that way. Ha ha maybe I'm a 33 year old fart.
Default-user Matt D
Why do they have to change the network so many times? Common if its not broke don't fix it. It was great. I had no problems with it. Why dose everything have to have an app., like, store they're not apple or android? Sony is a powerhouse in its own right. Keep it simple, Sony, don't follow the trends, set them.
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