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Default-user Matt Buckley
darryl scott said:
Why not just take e3s word for it???? I can't not believe three months later we are still having these discussions. does the ps4 not being able to...
Interesting argument to go by E3, considering the Xbox One E3 demos were running on PCs.
Default-user Matt Buckley
Eric Erric Parkin said:
It won't matter. Developers lose money if they put out a game that won't run on both. So they will continue to develop for the weaker specs. Only...
An interesting point, but not necessarily the deal-breaker. 360 was the weaker hardware in the last gen, but we weren't seeing devs only developer for the lowest common denominator. We saw devs develop with the platform in mind that was the easiest to develop for, and with the largest install base. Those two factors are far more important than raw power, and that's why multiplatform games usually looked and performed better on the weaker 360 hardware than their PS3 counterparts. With the PS4 going to the x86 architecture, it no longer will be the more difficult platform to develop for. And we already know it'll be the more powerful one. So the real question is: install base. If more people are playing the PS4, developers will make greater use of its capabilities, and then turn off aspects like antialiasing and shaders when porting to the 360. It's missing the point to claim that the lowest common denominator will determine the development target. It has much more to do with the install base.
Default-user Matt Buckley
Anselmo Guzman Jr. said:
LAME! Id rather take John Carmacks word for it. He said that both systems are quite close. OHh and he did say that whoever can pull of Mega...
You know what happens when you try to make an argument and use a term like "fagstation 4"? You not only come off as a fanboy, but a terminally immature one, and your argument becomes moot. Grow up, and try again.
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