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Default-user maplewar
Unity used to be the only affordable engine out there. Epic is doing game devs a favor with this. It's awesome.
Default-user maplewar
Joshua Decker said:
That's fucking insane! How many hours has he logged into his Xbox?!?
Probably a crazy amount of hours!
Default-user maplewar
Now I'm on the internet waiting to see when it's resolved byebye xbone for now.
Default-user maplewar
SimplySasquatch said:
No surprise, a big game was launched
I think they fixed the Titanfall issues...
Default-user maplewar
It's not an X1 controller and it's still that expensive!
Default-user maplewar
Daniel McB said:
Guy is like a mix between Penguin and a nutcracker. I don't like it.
Holy crap he does look the Danny DeVito Penguin
Default-user maplewar
eSports is becoming a REAL sport by the way they are handling this. If this gets really big it's going to be weird to see this on TV
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