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Default-user Madeline Osborne
Six days ago, Matt wrote: "I would also like to point that one of the most annoying things that is already fixed on the new site is comment formatting. We hate walls of text :( " No evidence of it here yet, Matt... ;)
Default-user Madeline Osborne
Matt, thanks for the reply (as well as the update on the page!) Your "Wall Of Text" issue wouldn't be such, if you could code your reply boxes to allow for paragraph spacing. Trying to "twitterize" your comments section to limit what your audience has to say will not encourage participation... :p
Default-user Madeline Osborne
IMO, Cage is trying to deflect attention from the now overly long delay in the release of Beyond: Two Souls, with a smoke and mirrors criticism about sequels... Sequels would not be successful, unless the original game was successful. And, as some games have proven, if the sequel is too far from the original premise, sales drop, and continuing sequels bring an end to the franchise... Even Beyond: Two Souls, has used the marketing claim of how the game allows the player to determine the storyline progression, that concept is nothing particularly innovative. It has been used in numerous games for years, most notably by Dark Rain... Considering that the last supposed release date was mid May, 2013, a year after the trailer shown at 2012's E3, and that date was then changed to just "2013," I don't think that sequels from other games is the cause of their problems... “We don’t give people what they expect. We want to give them something they want without knowing they want it," Cage concluded. Umm...yeah...People wanted this game from the trailer premier at E3, knowing almost nothing about it. The main expectation of people was to see this game within a reasonable length of time. The continuing delays and excuses, combined with the now sounding fake updates ("We’re advancing – we’re now a few weeks off the alpha version," Cage explained. "It’s always a very critical moment in the development of a game since it’s the first time all the game data is assembled in a complete version. This first version is often not very playable, but it’s the first time you can see the “complete” game as a whole.") from November 12, 2012, tend to make us, the players less confident that Quantic Dream even knows what they want, much less the people they hope will buy and play it.
Default-user Madeline Osborne
The main page for this game, Carries the Oh-So-Worthless Summary, "We are currently working on a description for Beyond: Two Souls." Umm, HEY, MORONS! Even the E3 description of the game was more helpful than that...Derp. Not to mention the page still lists December 31, 2012 as a release date... I'm sure you are SO busy doing nothing that you can barely be bothered to stay up to date on your own website, but don't you think you should either fix that page or just delete it entirely? It certainly does you no favors as any real source of gaming info... Just sayin'
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