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Default-user Mackaveli77
I just hope people realize that they can't compare ESO to the past ES games because being that it is an MMO they did have to change certain aspects if the previous games but it is a pretty good game and hopefully they fix or fixed the lock problems while I was playing it.
Default-user Mackaveli77
deet deet said:
I'm not hearing the most amazing things about this game.
I heard the same but don't allow any one's opinion make your decision because I heard alot of bad than good until I played the beta myself this weekend and I actually enjoyed it. The next time the beta starts play it yourself. I got a beta key from my brother which they sent to extras to give to friends and family. So if you have any friends or family that played it asked them it they have an extra beta key and I believe they have sites where they give away beta keys. I'm getting the game when it is released.
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