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Default-user Lullzube
Wow that's really lame. Killzone was a good game. Why the lay offs :(
Default-user Lullzube
ektoplazm said:
Buy the console just to get in on the game sale xD someone out there will do this.
I guess it's a good deal though. Get the console discounted, get the games discounted, save money in the long run.
Default-user Lullzube
Tiny Dancer said:
That's really scary actually...people live through this kinda stuff every day and here we are making a game out of it.
I bet this game will bring on the tears
Default-user Lullzube
I couldn't get into this game as much as I tried!
Default-user Lullzube
Was that the guy with the huge gold watch? Why would he leave such a good thing?
Default-user Lullzube
I saw that Flappy bird thing snuck into there. Why is it so popular?!
Default-user Lullzube
Gameplay looks pretty but it looks like 360 & ps3...
Default-user Lullzube
CrowsHands said:
Holy annoying sunlight! I like how he moves behind the building but the sunlight still shines through the building so he runs back out so you don't...
Hopefully they fix that ahaha.
Default-user Lullzube
DaGrey said:
It's about time, who knew that 300 was too little.
Do - do I smell sarcasm?
Default-user Lullzube
They fail for not accepting this.
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