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Default-user Luke Frazier
XCOM makes me nervous just listening to podcasters discuss it.
Default-user Luke Frazier
Last thing I played as the PAX Prime show floor was calling it quits this year, and I immediately got that beautiful BioShock vibe. Gimme!
Default-user Luke Frazier
commented on Borderlands 2 review
Why do I love Borderlands? Because Borderlands looks beautiful in the best way: cel shading.
Default-user Luke Frazier
Had honestly never played it until PAX this year...and fell in love. Help me out, Good Guy GameZone.
Default-user Luke Frazier
Portal set such insane standards for a game of this type...It's nice to see someone else trying to do something clever with first-person platforming and puzzle-solving, but I feel like QC doesn't differentiate enough to show the world that it's unique.

As it stands, there is no real reason to pick this game over Portal in one-or-the-other decision. If someone hasn't played either, and is interested in this style of gameplay, Portal wins every single time.

And I love Portal, just as everyone did. But playing anything less than that would feel like a step down, and that isn't something I'm willing to pay for.
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