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Default-user lt_dan_zsu
They can't win. They've made a sub-par product andare charging to much for it. Nobody cares and now they don't trust what microsoft even says anymore. Remember the one month period they where they were calling us idiots for not liking it. We haven't forgiven them.
Default-user lt_dan_zsu
3 of the five arguments suck. The only ones that were good were backwards compatibility and cheaper games. The better graphics is only true if you want to spend a lot more. I am not saying this is a bad option in any way, and I did it, but price does need to be mentioned. Let's be honest the 360 controller is far from perfect, and you can do a lot more hat tricks with your fingers on a ps controller. Just ask a seasoned user of one. Also there is currently no confirmation that anything will need constant connection, although it is looking a little bleak for the nextbox. You only seem to be using arguments the apply for microsoft.
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