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Default-user loveless
Most things end up as timed exclusives don't they?
Default-user loveless
Doesn't exactly soften the blow but i really hope the delay was for a good reason.
Default-user loveless
Tillery said:
Holy hell I'm getting excited for this!!
Same, but keep some room for disappointment (something we know all too well with Alien games)
Default-user loveless
This looks so promising, but I will remain wary.
Default-user loveless
I kinda want this to be real :(
Default-user loveless
Kelpie said:
It's not coming out. It's never coming out that's the joke.
Dont say that! It looks so cute and terrible.
Default-user loveless
Choose your flavor, choose your champion. Sounds like they want to give the power to the people...well at least pretend like we have the power.
Default-user loveless
How will I not spend an ungodly amount of money tomorrow??
Default-user loveless
Taco said:
Do you think we will have an option to prestige...?
More weapons!
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